Monday, December 29, 2008

christmas is over

and it's back to updating this bitch, real talk

in other news:
-a new shipment of panther boards are coming in this week
-arget is in mancouver. that's why he hasn't changed his display pic on facebook in a few days.
-al strangeled pat in his sleep screaming "rambo" over and over.
-whiskey bought a pancake. he then ate it.
-panther filmer and notorious non-pants wearing man apow ripped his pants skating. he wasn't meant to wear pants in general.
-wojtek has been getting laid.
-nick genova manual'd carlsbad. kickflip out.
-nolan ripped.
-calum sang some songs and sharted.
-pat is gay for his little dog lemmy.
-we will all be at this party for new years

real talk.