Saturday, December 20, 2008

boysex zawada

"I figure I'm the most qualified to talk about Wojtek because we're the same person. Seriously. We fused lives and it's just been 24/7 awesome ever since. We even work together now. He brings me coffee and sweeps up the mess I make on the jobsite, then we go out skating and he makes me cry by doing laserflips on stuff I don't even bother trying to ollie. Afterwards, we go to the bar and drink enough to kill a small Micronesian village. And if one of us gets laid that night, the other one does too. Not to say we do it with each other- that would make showing up to work on Monday really awkward. I love being Wojtek."

Words by Al Murray-Lawson
Photos by Robbie Falls
Gnar by Wojtek

PS, Wojtek doesn't work with me anymore, we broke his soul so he quit before he went on a brutal misogynistic rampage. He still skates though... sometimes.