Saturday, September 26, 2009


I haven't posted a new comic in awhile because i'm a very busy man and i don't have internet at my apartment. To give you an idea of how busy i am today alone i recorded a bass track for my one folk/rock/blues band, came up with a bass track for my punk band, woke up still drunk, kept that shit going, and adopted a baby squirrel which didn't know any better. As i write this there is a squirrel sleeping in the armpit of my sweater because it recognizes me as its mother. That's how fucking ridiculous my life is. Anyways I have a new comic to post, but it's on my other computer, so you'll see it next year.
Oh, the squirrels name is Prime Minister Niftywhiskers. Yes, I have a very awesome life. Thank you for noticing.
(none of the previous statement was a lie, I swear by it).

Love You!